What we do

We understand that the healthcare industry requires specialized sales and marketing skills and capabilities. Therefore, we have tried deeper to develop an understanding of the unique needs of its different channels and to develop customized solutions.

Market research

We leverage our analytical and research capabilities to develop insightful and executable marketing strategies and launch plans for your product. These include creating feasibility studies pre-launch and surveying the market as your product matures.

Regulatory & Medical Affairs
Our regional knowledge and country expertise enables APPC to provide localized and customized product registration solutions. This includes filing, dealing with authorities, post-registration license management.

Sales and Marketing

With pro-active sales and marketing executives the specialized experience, we will focus on across the healthcare channels in Vietnam and will be your gateway for business expansion in Asia.


With the capacities and the experience over 14 years, we will distribute your products efficiently and professionally, and offer many integrated supply-chain related services.